In the last ten to fifteen years, we have seen huge improvements in the energy efficiency of fridges. Many fridges have new energy efficiency features that can help to minimise food waste. New fridges now allow you to reduce your energy consumption, while also saving a fair few pounds every year.

Energy Efficiency Features That Help Minimise Fridge Food Waste

ways to improve your refrigerator's energy efficiency
The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Refrigeration

Although basic fridges can do a great job at keeping your food at the right temperature, there are a list of additional features that might prolong the lifespan of your food. Here are some energy efficiency features that can help minimise food waste:

Vacation Mode

How to set the vacation mode or the lock function
Using Vacation Mode on a Samsung Fridge

One feature that’s been widely used by Samsung, Beko and Bosch is vacation mode. Vacation mode is designed to reduce the power that your fridge uses when you go on holiday or away for long periods of time. It will keep the freezer running lightly, but will keep the temperature of other compartments at 15 °C. When activated, vacation mode will stop cooling your fridge as much, and will use a minimal amount of power in the freezer. This is a really handy way of reducing energy consumption, while keeping household bills low when you’re not at home.

Vacation mode can help you to minimise food waste, and cut bills, but before you put your fridge freezer on vacation mode, there are a few things you need to:

Child lock

What is Child Lock feature in Samsung Refrigerator
How To Turn ON/OFF Child Lock on Refrigerator

The child lock setting allows you protect your appliance from curious children who might tap buttons and alter temperatures. To activate the child lock setting, press the child lock button for 3 seconds. Activating this setting may also lock the water or ice dispenser.

Humidity Controller

Controlling the humidity in your vegetable crisper drawers
A Guide to your Fridge’s Humidity Control Drawers

A great invention of modern fridge design is the inclusion of separate compartments that have been designed to specifically store different foods. You can now control the humidity level within the crisper drawer in some fridges. Many Samsung fridges come with this setting. Leafy green veggies, or anything that might be likely to wilt can be given a high setting. A low setting will favour fruits, or anything that might rot eg apples or peaches. This will help to prolong their shelf life.

ways to improve your refrigerator's energy efficiency
Reduce fridge and freezer costs at home

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