When kitchen appliances break it can be a huge inconvenience to the family. Replacements can be expensive, so it is essential that you buy an appliance that will last – since it can increase your appliance lifetime by up to ten years. In this article, we how long you can expect your appliances to last.

Kitchen appliances lasting long

How Long Should My Appliance Last?

How Long Do Appliances and Parts of Your Home Last
How Long Do Appliances Last

A recent survey of more than thirteen thousand people revealed how long appliance owners had their appliances before needing to replace them due to a fault, deteriorating performance, or the age of the appliance. The findings revealed the estimated lifespan of the appliances. Here are the results…

Washing Machine Lifespans

The longest average lifespan of a washing machine was found to be 21 years and the shortest was 13 years. Commonly faced problems include drum issues and electrical problems. These account for more than a third of washing machine faults.

Tumble Dryer Lifespans

Tumble dryers tend to last a few more years than washing machines. The longest average tumble dryer lasted 24 years and the shortest average lifespan was 17 years. Electrical faults are one of the biggest problems that tumble dryers have.

Dishwasher Lifespans

How Long Should a Dishwasher Last
How Long Do Dishwashers Last? What You Need to Know

Dishwashers had a varying lifespan that was almost ten years with the longest average dishwasher lifespan lasting 22 years and the shortest being 13 years. It is crucial to buy a well-recommended dishwasher in order to ensure you get the best lifespan. Drainage issues are one of the biggest problems that dishwashers face. This accounted for more than 10% of all faults in the survey.

Built-in Oven Lifespans

Ovens have one of the greatest lifespans of kitchen appliances. 23 years is the shortest average lifespan of an oven, with 29 years being the longest. Oven lights are a common fault – and accounted for more than a third of survey faults.

Fridge Freezer Lifespans

Fridge freezers were another appliance that had a vast varying average lifespan. The longest average estimates lifespan was 24 years, with the shortest average lifespan being 14 years. Ice buildups were responsible for 18% of the faults that were recorded, with temperature maintenance troubles being responsible for 13%.

Fridge Lifespans

The longest average lifespan for fridges was 29 years and the shortest average was 18 years. Temperature maintenance issues are the cause of the most common problems for fridges

What to do to increase your appliance lifespan?

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Home Appliances
Ways to Extend the Life of Your Appliances

You should regularly seek to maintain your appliances. With washing machines, a monthly maintenance wash will help you to do this. For dishwashers, this will help too. You can find out more about how to do this by visiting the washing machine maintenance page here, or learn more about how you can care of your dishwasher here. For fridges, read our article on how to maintain and clean your fridge or find out how to increase your ovens lifespan here.

What to do if your appliance stops working properly or has a fault?

If your appliance stops doing its job properly or has a fault, then you might wish to have an engineer look at your machine.

How Long Should My Appliance Last
How long should your household appliances last?

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