How To Change The Filter in a Cooker Hood
How to Replace a Cooker Hood Filter

Replace an Extractor Fan or Cooker Hood Filter:

Quick answer: You should replace your extractor fan filter approximately every six months. However, you might need to replace it more often if you use your extractor fan frequently.

Importance of Regularly Changing Your Extractor Fan Filter

How often should I replace my kitchen hood filters
Why is it important to replace your hood filters

Understanding how to replace your extractor fan filter is crucial to maintain your kitchen’s cleanliness and your extractor fan’s efficiency. If grease builds up, it reduces your extractor fan’s functionality, impacting its ability to work effectively. Today’s carbon filters play a significant role in reducing the recirculation of odours and grease in your kitchen. Regular replacement of these filters not only creates a cleaner cooking environment but also prolongs the lifespan of your extractor fan.

Simple Steps to Replace Your Filter

Replacing your extractor fan filter is straightforward and quick. Here are the easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Unclip or unscrew the filter lock: The filter lock keeps the filter in place. By unclipping or unscrewing it, you can easily remove the old filter.
  2. Remove the old filter: Take out the old filter with care to prevent any accumulated grease from spilling out.
  3. Cut the universal filter (if applicable): If you’re using a universal filter, you might need to cut it to size. Use your old filter as a guide.
  4. Place the new filter: Now put the new filter in its place.
  5. Secure the filter: Finally, reclip or rescrew the filter lock to secure the new filter in place.

Remember, before replacing any part in an electrical appliance, always ensure it’s unplugged from the mains.

When to Replace the Filter in Your Cooker Hood

If you notice that your cooker hood isn’t working effectively, such as failing to extract smoke and smells, or if grease is building up around the filter, then it’s probably time to change it.

Types of Cooker Hood and Their Filters

How to Choose the Best Range Hood Filter
Kitchen hood filters, types and differences

There are generally two types of cooker hoods: those venting directly outside and those recirculating air back into the kitchen. If your cooker hood vents to the outside, it will likely have a grease filter, which could be a fabric or a metal mesh type. A fabric filter needs to be replaced when saturated with grease, while a metal mesh filter needs to be cleaned instead of replaced.

Replacing the Carbon Filter

In recirculating air cooker hoods, you’ll find a carbon filter that removes smoke and odors. To replace it, switch off your cooker hood, remove the grease filter, and change the carbon filter, typically every four to six months.

Cleaning Your Extractor Fan Filters

Apart from replacing them, it’s also essential to clean your extractor fan filters regularly. Soaking the filters in a solution of hot water, dish soap, and white spirit vinegar for at least 30 minutes will help remove the grease. For stubborn grease, use bicarbonate of soda and a scouring pad, and for hard-to-reach corners, use an old toothbrush.


How often should I replace my extractor fan filter?

Generally, it is advised to replace your extractor fan filter every six months. However, this can vary depending on how frequently you use your extractor fan.

What should I do if smoke and smells aren’t being extracted?

If your extractor fan is not effectively removing smoke and smells, it might be an indication that your filter needs replacing.

Can I clean my extractor fan filter instead of replacing it?

How to Clean Your Kitchen Extractor Fan
How To Clean an Extractor Fan Filter

A3: Yes, but this depends on the type of filter. Fabric filters should be replaced when saturated with grease, while metal mesh filters can be cleaned.

Replace A Extractor Fan Or Cooker Hood Filter
How To Change The Filter in a Cooker Hood?

Key Points to Remember

  • Replacing your extractor fan filter is crucial for maintaining your kitchen’s cleanliness and your extractor fan’s efficiency.
  • It’s recommended to replace your extractor fan filter every six months, but frequent usage might require more regular replacement.
  • Replacing the filter involves unclipping the filter lock, removing the old filter, cutting the new filter to size (if necessary), placing the new filter, and securing it with the lock.
  • If your extractor fan isn’t extracting smoke and smells effectively, it’s likely time to replace the filter.
  • Two types of cooker hoods exist: those venting outside and those recirculating air in the kitchen. They require different maintenance and filter replacement methods.
  • Regular cleaning of your extractor fan filters can prolong their life and improve their performance.


Embrace a cleaner kitchen by keeping your extractor fan in top shape with these tips. Your kitchen will thank you!

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