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My Indesit washing machine is leaking before its first use

Washing Machines Troubleshooting
How to Troubleshoot a Leak Problem on a Washing Machine

Before you buy your Indesit washing machine, Indesit has already run a series of cycle tests to ensure that all internal components are in full working order. Indesit recommends that any leaking before or during its first use, is likely to be due to the water remaining inside of the washing machine from these tests. Leaking should not persist thereafter.

My indesit washing machine has started leaking after a number of uses

Your Washing Machine is Leaking - What Could Be The Reason
Washing Machines Troubleshooting

The first thing to do if your washing machine is leaking, is to find out where the leak is coming from. Check the fill hose, main hose and drains plumbing. It is also possible for a leak to occur near your detergent dispenser too. This may be a result of excessive water pressure. We recommend getting a washing machine engineer to check for leaks as they will need to ensure that your washing machine setup effectively and in line with industry standards. They will be able to inspect your piping for wear and tear and test connections too.

Indesit Washing Machines Troubleshooting
Why is my Indesit washing machine leaking from the bottom?

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