Samsung fridge-freezer ice

Samsung Fridge-Freezer Ice Maker Not Making Enough Ice?

As temperatures rise this summer, many households and businesses will rely heavier on their ice makers. Samsung fridge-freezers with ice makers should produce around 120 ice cubes per day – in line with most other manufacturers. If your fridge – freezer is producing less ice than this, then there are a few checks you can make in order to resolve the issue.

Check the fridge-freezer door

Check the fridge-freezer door
Check the fridge-freezer door

Your fridge-freezer can’t dispense ice when your fridge – freezer door is open, so check that the door if properly closed and nothing is resting against the back wall of the freezer. If your door seal is broken or not attached properly, then this can also impact your ability to use the ice maker. Inspect the seal by running your hands gently around the edge of the door when it’s closed. If you can feel any cold air, then it’s likely that your fridge seal may need to be repaired or replaced. You can also check this by placing a sheet of paper in the door, then trying to pull it out. If it comes out, with no resistance then the door isn’t closing properly.

Empty the ice tray

How to Remove Ice Cubes From a Tray
Empty Ice Tray

The next check enables you to see how effectively your ice maker is working. If your ice maker hasn’t been used in a while, then ice cubes can build up and cause a blockage. You can take out the ice container by lifting the ice container slightly and pulling it out towards you. Once you do this, you will be able to see the ice. If it’s all clumped together, then pour the ice out into the sink and then put the empty ice tray back. Let the unit run for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the fridge-freezer will have made new ice. If there are between less than 90 ice cubes, then follow the below steps.

Check your fridge – freezer temperature

In order for your ice maker to work, the freezer temperature must be below 0°C. Check out our recent article on fridge and freezer temperatures here, to make sure that you have chosen the right setting.

Change the fridge water filter

Change the fridge water filter
Change the fridge water filter

If your refrigerator has a water filter, then you may need to change the filter cartridge. The average household will need to change their Samsung fridge – freezer water filter every 6 months. This will ensure that your water is clean, fresh-tasting and pure. Old filters may become clogged which will mean that you are no longer drinking clean water. We recommend getting using only high – quality filters. High-quality filters will produce high-quality drinking water. Signs that you need a new water filter are the water and ice tasting bad, smelling bad, low water pressure, or error alerts.

Samsung fridge-freezer ice maker still not making enough ice?

If the above steps don’t solve the issue, then you may need an engineer to assess the issue. 

Samsung Fridge-freezer Ice Maker Not Making Enough Ice
Samsung Ice Maker is Not Making Enough Ice

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