Most people are acutely aware that their mobile phones are particularly susceptible to summer heat. But what about other appliances? Does your fridge freezer need any extra care when it’s hotter outside? The answer is yes. Think about the difference in fridge loads during the summer.

Fridges usually cater to larger loads during the summer months. The chances are that you’ll be counting more on your fridge to keep BBQ meats and beverages cool for the weekends. This makes it extra important for your fridge to maintain its temperature, particularly as you’ll want to keep any heat-loving bacteria away.

A recent survey of homeowners showed that Brits look in the fridge 14 times a day on average. During the summer, this number can increase as BBQ’s and cooling refreshments can mean that there is a lot more opening and closing, as well as more food to be cooled down. This constant use will mean that your fridge needs to work harder to keep its temperature.

Should I Turn My Fridge Down In Summer?

Should I Turn My Fridge Down In Summer
Turn My Fridge Down In Summer

If your fridge is working properly then there is no need to turn your fridge down during the summer. When it’s hot, your fridge works hard to ensure that it keeps its temperature, so turning your fridge down will only increase its workload. This can result in the compressor overworking, which may result in costly damage since it is not used to working at that rate, for that length of time.

To check if your fridge freezer is operating at the right temperature, please check out our article “What temperature should your fridge be?” If your fridge is failing to keep its temperature, then you might need an engineer to come and look.

What Can You Do To Ensure That Your Fridge Keeps Cool During Summer?

  • Don’t turn down your fridge temperature just because it’s hot outside. If your fridge is working properly, it will retain its temperature.

  • Check the coils under your fridge. If there is dust build-up, then it will make it harder for your fridge to work well.

  • Understand that a fridge kept in a garage will have to work harder than an indoor one in a fully temperature-controlled environment. Consider moving your fridge indoors.

  • Allow hot food to cool before putting it in the fridge and always make sure that you follow food safety guidelines.

    Allow hot food to cool before putting it in the fridge
    Allow hot food to cool before putting it in the fridge
  • If you want to cool food faster before you refrigerate it then portion it into smaller containers.

  • Never overfill your fridge. Fridges require room for air circulation but also try not to create large open areas. If you don’t have much food in the fridge, then you can fill a pitcher of water and store in the fridge to fill open areas.

    Never overfill your fridge.
    Never overfill your fridge.
  • Don’t leave the door open for too long. Try to decide what you want from the fridge before you open the door.

    Don’t leave the door open for too long
    Don’t leave the door open for too long
Should you lower the temperature of the fridge in the summer?
Tips to Keep Your Refrigerator Cool During Summer

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