It can be tricky to know what to do when your washing machine starts to show error messages or is beeping or flashing. But before you start googling for appliance repair services like our own, it’s important that you do a few checks which may solve the issue at hand. In this article, we share what steps you can take when your front loader AEG washing machine shows error codes EF0, EFO, EF3 or emits 15 beeps or 15 flashes.  

Check if you have used too much detergent

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How to Tell If You’re Using Too Much Laundry Detergent

If you have been using too much detergent in your AEG washing machine, then this might cause excessive foaming. If this has occurred, then the best thing to do is to switch off your appliance and then leave it until the foam has subsided. Try the appliance again once you have got the all-clear.

If the machine is still displaying a problem, then a washing machine engineer may be required to inspect for further faults.

Clean your dispenser drawer

How To Clean The Detergent Drawer On Your Washing
Removing and cleaning a washing machine detergent

People often opt to use liquid detergents that are inserted inside the washing machine drum to avoid detergent or limescale clogging up the dispenser drawer. If you have been adding detergent into the dispenser drawer, or notice that the sprinkler plate over the drawer is dirty or suffering from limescale marks, then this may impact the washing machines ability to allow water to flow through it.

When this has happened, you should clean the dispenser drawer out in accordance with the user manual and try the appliance again. You can download the user manual here. If you are still experiencing problems after you have done this, then you may need one of our washing machine engineers to resolve the issue.

Clear the fluff filter

Check if your fluff filter is clean in accordance with the AEG user manual. While doing this, inspect it to see if your filter is damaged. Remember to tighten it well when refitting it.

AEG Washing Machine Fault and Error Codes
The most common errors of AEG washing machines

What can I do if the problem still persists and my AEG washing machine is still showing EF0, EFO, EF3, or is beeping or flashing?

Washer dryer displays error message
Washer dryer displays error message

If your washer dryer is still showing error EF0, EFO, EF3, or is beeping or flashing, then we recommend that you get an engineer out to assess the issue and repair your machine, since there may be further complications.

To book a AEG washing machine service or repair, call us on 020 8965 4422 or make a booking online with our fast and free quote service below. Next day emergency repairs are available by telephone booking, and repairs prices start from £66.Washing machine error

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