Fix Your Beko Tumble Dryer Not Working

Troubleshooting your Tumble Dryer
My Beko tumble dryer does not work

If your Beko tumble dryer stops working, there are a few quick things that you can do to get it up and running again. 

The Door May Not Be Closed Properly

Troubleshooting your Tumble Dryer
Dryer Door Not Closing

The first simple check that you should do is check that the door of your Beko tumble dryer is fully closed. Open the machine door and then close it again. When the door has been closed properly, you will hear a click. Once you have done this, try to start the dryer again.

Reset The Programme

My Beko tumble dryer will not work
Beko Tumble Dryer Reset Button

Push the start/pause/cancel button for five seconds. Doing this will cancel the current programme. Press start again to start a new programme.  This may solve the issue.

Check The Locking Clips

How to activate and deactivate Samsung dryer child lock
Dryer Control Lock Option

Some Beko tumble dryers may have red locking clips. These can be found behind the lower panel. Check that these are locked and then try to use the machine again.

What to do if you are still experiencing problems?

If the above steps do not solve the issue, then you may need an engineer to assess the problem.

Fix Your Beko Tumble Dryer not woking
What To Do When Your Beko Tumble Dryer Will Not Work

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