Quick Answer: When your Hotpoint washer dryer shows F01 error, it usually indicates an electronic circuit board fault. You can try to resolve the issue by disconnecting and unplugging your machine from the mains supply for 3 minutes. After that, reconnect your washer dryer and wait 30 seconds before starting up the machine. This can reset the machine and might solve your problem. If the F01 error persists, it is recommended to get an engineer to assess and repair your machine.

How to Handle an F01 Error on Your Hotpoint Washer Dryer?

Hotpoint Washing Machines - Guide to Error Codes
Hotpoint smart tech – F01 error code fault

Understanding the F01 Error

The F01 error code that appears on your Hotpoint washer dryer is generally a signal of an electronic circuit board malfunction. This message may seem intimidating at first, but don’t panic just yet. There are some troubleshooting steps you can take that could fix the problem.

Quick Fix for F01 Error

Quick Fix for F01 Error
Quick Fix for F01 Error

Step by step guide:

  1. Disconnect and unplug: Unplug your Hotpoint washer dryer from the mains supply.
  2. Wait: After disconnecting, wait for about 3 minutes.
  3. Reconnect: After the waiting period, plug your washer dryer back into the mains supply.
  4. Start up the machine: Wait another 30 seconds before starting up the machine.

This process aims to reset the machine, which might be enough to get things back on track.

What If the Error Persists?

Guide to Washing Machine Error Codes
Common Automatic Washing Machine Errors

If the F01 error code is still flashing on your washer dryer display, it’s time to call in the pros. The issue may be beyond a simple reset and requires a professional touch.

For more advanced DIYers, here’s a list of checks you can make:

  1. Wiggle all connections on the motor, the motor plug, and the electronic module board.
  2. Inspect all connections for a broken wire or bad connection.
  3. Check the thermal fuse, heating element, fan, and ventilation system.
  4. Test the timer control board.
  5. Inspect the control board for signs of arcing or overheated components.

Final Thoughts

While dealing with technical issues can be a hassle, a little patience and a few well-executed steps could have your washer dryer back up and running. But remember, safety comes first – if you’re uncomfortable or unsure about these steps, call a professional.


What does the F01 error code mean on my Hotpoint washer dryer?

F01 is a common error code indicating an electronic circuit board fault.

Can I fix the F01 error code on my Hotpoint washer dryer by myself?

Yes, disconnecting and reconnecting your machine might reset it. However, if the error persists, it’s recommended to hire a professional.

What could cause the F01 error on my Hotpoint washer dryer?

F01 Error Code on Hotpoint Washing Machine
Hotpoint Washing Machines

This error can be caused by a faulty motor, a loose wire, a bad connection, or an issue with the electronic module board.

F01 Error Code on Hotpoint Washing Machine
SOLVED: HOTPOINT F-01 error code

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