Hotpoint washer dryer
Hotpoint washer dryer

If your Hotpoint washer dryer shows error messages F18, then it can mean that some or all display / functions do not work on your washer dryers. But before you start googling appliance repairs, there is one thing that you can do which might solve the problem.

What can I do when my Hotpoint washer dryer shows error F18?

Hotpoint Washing Machine Error Codes
Washing Machine Error Codes

If your washer dryer shows error message F18, then we recommend that you to disconnect and unplug your Hotpoint washer dryer from the mains supply for at least 3 minutes. Once 3 minutes have passed, you should reconnect your Hotpoint washer dryer and wait 30 seconds before you start up the machine again. Doing this should reset the machine and can solve your problem.

What if the washer dryer problem persists?


If you have tried the above resolution and your washer dryer is still showing error F18, then we recommend that you get an engineer out to assess the issue and repair your machine, since there may be further complications.

Error code F18 in the washing machine Hotpoint
i have got an error code F18 on my hotpoint washing machine

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