Bosch Dishwasher Code HO1 indicates that the dishwasher is scheduled to start the washing cycle in one hour. It is not an error message but rather a signal that the dishwasher’s delayed start timer has been set for one hour. This feature allows users to schedule the dishwasher to begin the cleaning cycle at a later time, providing flexibility and convenience in managing their dishwashing tasks.

Understanding the Delayed Start Timer

Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes
Bosch dishwasher error code h01

When you see “HO1” on the dishwasher’s main screen, it means the dishwasher is scheduled to start the washing cycle in one hour. Similarly, “HO2” indicates a two-hour delay. But wait, there’s more! Bosch appliances offer even greater flexibility with delayed start times. You can set the dishwasher to begin the cycle up to 24 hours later, which means you may encounter “HO” followed by any number from 01 to 24.

Setting the Delayed Start Timer

How to set the delay option on a Bosch dishwasher
How to set Bosch Dishwasher delay start?

Setting the delayed start timer is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Close the dishwasher door securely.
  2. Press the On/Off button to power up the appliance.
  3. Once the dishwasher is turned on, press and hold the “+” button until the display shows “HO1” for one hour delay or “HO2” for two hours.
  4. To adjust the delay time, use the “+” and “-” buttons on the dishwasher’s touchpad.
  5. Once you’ve selected your desired delay time, press the Start button.

Resetting the Delayed Start Timer

How to Cancel Delay Timer
Delay Start Bosch Dishwasher

Accidentally set the delayed start timer and need to reset it? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Just follow these steps:

  1. When the “HO1” or “HO2” code appears on the display, press the “-” button.
  2. Keep pressing the “-” button until the timer resets to “HO0.

By following these straightforward instructions, you can easily manage the delayed start timer on your Bosch dishwasher and ensure your dishes are washed at the most convenient time for you.

Remember: The delayed start timer can be a handy feature, allowing you to take advantage of off-peak electricity hours or have your dishes ready just when you need them. It’s a convenient and energy-efficient option that Bosch offers to make your dishwashing experience a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set the dishwasher to start the cycle in more than two hours?

Yes, Bosch dishwashers allow you to set a delayed start of up to 24 hours, offering you greater flexibility.

Can I cancel the delayed start once it’s set?

Yes, you can cancel the delayed start timer by resetting it to “HO0” using the “-” button.

Will the dishwasher consume power during the delayed start time?

During the delayed start, the dishwasher will consume a minimal amount of power to maintain its settings.

Can I change the delay time once it’s already set?

Yes, you can adjust the delay time anytime before the dishwasher starts the cycle by using the “+” and “-” buttons.

Can I use the delayed start timer for all dishwasher cycles?

Yes, the delayed start timer can be set for all available dishwasher cycles, giving you the freedom to choose as per your needs.

Is it safe to leave the dishwasher door closed with the delayed start timer set?

Yes, it is safe to keep the dishwasher door closed while the delayed start timer is active.

Will the dishwasher make noise during the delayed start time?

What Is Delay Start In Dishwasher
Dishwasher Noise

The dishwasher may emit occasional noises, like the hum of the control panel, but it will not run the full cycle until the designated delayed start time.

Can I use the delayed start timer to have clean dishes ready for a specific mealtime?

Absolutely! The delayed start timer allows you to time the completion of the dishwasher cycle according to your convenience.

Can I set the delayed start timer to begin immediately?

How to force a timer to start immediately
Start process with delay – Discussion & Questions

Yes, you can set the delayed start timer to “HO1” for a one-hour delay, which effectively starts the dishwasher cycle immediately.


The “HO1” code on your Bosch dishwasher indicates the delayed start feature, providing you with the convenience of setting the washing cycle to begin in one or two hours. By following a few simple steps, you can schedule your dishwasher to run at a time that best suits your needs. Remember that you can reset the timer easily if you accidentally set the delay and change your mind.

Key Takeaways:

  • The “HO1” or “HO2” code on your Bosch dishwasher indicates a delayed start timer.
  • Bosch dishwashers offer up to 24 hours of delay, providing flexibility in scheduling.
  • Setting the delayed start timer involves pressing and holding the “+” button and using the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the delay time.
  • Resetting the delayed start timer is as simple as pressing the “-” button until it shows “HO0.”
  • The delayed start timer can be a convenient and energy-efficient feature, allowing you to plan your dishwashing tasks with ease.

Remember to make the most of this feature to streamline your dishwashing routine and enjoy sparkling clean dishes whenever it suits you best!

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