Short answer: The “Push to Start” button activates a dryer’s cycle. If it malfunctions, the drying process halts. Identifying causes and solutions is crucial for smooth appliance operation.

The Push to Start button is an essential component of modern dryers, serving as the primary initiator of the drying cycle. When this button malfunctions, it can bring the entire drying process to a standstill, leaving users with damp clothes and potential frustrations. Understanding the intricacies of this issue, from its common causes to potential solutions, is pivotal for efficient troubleshooting and ensuring the longevity of the appliance. In this discussion, I will explore the nuances of the Push to Start button, its significance, and the common reasons it might cease to function.

What Is A Dryer Push-To-Start Button?

start button not working
Push to start button not working

The “Push to Start” button on a dryer is a control mechanism used to initiate the drying cycle. Instead of turning a dial or knob, users simply press this button to start the machine. Here’s a breakdown of its function:

Activation: When the button is pressed, it sends an electrical signal to the dryer’s motor and other components, signaling them to start operating.

Safety Feature: This button acts as a safety measure, ensuring the dryer only starts when intentionally activated. It prevents the machine from starting accidentally, which might occur with dials or switches that can be bumped or nudged unintentionally.

Intuitive Use: As dryers have become more advanced, design and ease of use have become priorities for manufacturers. A push-to-start button provides a straightforward and modern way for users to begin the drying cycle.

Component Check: Some modern dryers use this button in tandem with other sensors and components. If a door is not closed properly or if there’s another issue, pressing the push-to-start button might not initiate the cycle until the issue is resolved.

Reasons Why Dryer Push To Start Button Is Not Working

Checking power
Checking power supply

If the “Push to Start” button on your dryer isn’t working, there could be several reasons behind it. Here are some potential causes:

1. Door Switch:

Most dryers have a door switch that acts as a safety feature. If the door isn’t fully closed, the dryer won’t start. The switch might be faulty or misaligned.

2. Start Switch:

The push-to-start switch itself might be defective. Over time, switches can wear out. A multimeter can be used to test the switch for continuity to determine if a continuous electrical path is present. If not, the switch needs replacement.

3. Thermal Fuse:

Fuse replacement
Thermal fuse replacement

A blown thermal fuse will prevent the dryer from starting. It’s a safety component that blows if the dryer overheats. When this happens, the dryer won’t start until the fuse is replaced.

4. Drive Motor:

If the motor is faulty, the dryer won’t turn on. Motors can wear out over time or can be damaged due to overloading.

5. Timer:

The timer controls many of the electrical components in the dryer. If it’s malfunctioning, it might not send power to the motor, preventing the dryer from starting.

6. Main Control Board:

Less commonly, the main control board of the dryer might be at fault. While it’s rare for this board to fail, it’s still a possibility.

7. Terminal Block:

In some cases, the main power connection to the dryer (where the cord connects at the back) can become burnt or damaged. This can prevent the dryer from getting the power it needs to start.

8. Broken Belt or Belt Switch:

Some dryers have a switch that detects if the belt is broken. If it detects a broken belt, it’ll prevent the dryer from starting to avoid potential damage.

9. Wiring Issues:

Loose or damaged wires can interrupt the electrical flow, preventing the dryer from starting.

10. Circuit Breaker:

If the dryer’s circuit breaker has tripped, the machine won’t receive power. Ensure the breaker is on and hasn’t been tripped due to an electrical overload.

11. External Factors:

Ensure that the power cord is properly plugged in and that there’s electricity in the outlet. Occasionally, power outages or issues with the household electrical supply can be the culprit.

How To Change The Push-To-Start Relay On Your Dryer?

Step 1: Safety First:

  • Before starting, ensure that you disconnect the power to the dryer.
  • Pull the dryer forward and unplug it.
  • Alternatively, locate the electrical panel and turn off the appropriate breaker or remove the necessary fuses.

Step 2: Accessing the Back of the Dryer:

  • Pull the dryer slightly forward to access the back of the console.
  • Remove the screws securing the back cover to the console.
  • Gently pull off the back panel and set it aside for reassembly later.

Step 3: Locating the Push-to-Start Switch:

  • With the back panel removed, locate the push-to-start switch on the side.
  • Go around to the dryer’s front and remove the knob from the push-to-start switch.

Step 4: Removing the Old Switch:

  • On the top of the switch housing, you’ll notice a small plastic tab.
  • Lift this tab away from the metal part of the control panel.
  • Turn the push-to-start switch about a quarter to an eighth turn clockwise.
  • If lifting the tab proves challenging, use a small flat-blade screwdriver to assist.
  • Once rotated, you can pull the switch out of its opening.

Step 5: Disconnecting the Wire Harnesses:

  • Remove the wire harnesses from the old switch.
  • Inspect the terminals for any signs of arcing or corrosion.

Step 6: Installing the New Switch:

  • Connect the wire harnesses to the new switch, ensuring they fit snugly.
  • When placing the switch back into its opening, make sure the square protrusion on the switch body aligns with the square hole in the panel.
  • Insert the switch, then, pressing firmly against the metal plate, turn it counterclockwise until the locking tab clicks into place.
  • Go back to the front and reinstall the knob.

Step 7: Reassembling the Dryer:

  • Place the back panel in its original position, ensuring the screw holes align.
  • Reinstall the retaining screws to secure the back panel.
  • Using your 1/4″ nut driver or socket wrench, replace and tighten the bolts you initially set aside to secure the back panel.


Can I bypass the “Push to Start” button temporarily?

While it’s technically possible, bypassing any safety or operational features is not recommended. It can lead to further damage or safety risks. Always consult with a professional.

Are there any audible signs that can hint at why my “Push to Start” button isn’t working?

Sometimes, a faint humming noise might indicate a jammed motor or a problem with the start capacitor. If there’s no noise at all, it might point toward an electrical issue.

How often should I replace the “Push to Start” button for preventative maintenance?

Generally, you shouldn’t need to replace the button unless there’s a clear issue. With proper care, many components of a dryer, including the start button, can last the lifespan of the appliance.

Can external factors, like humidity or room temperature, affect the functionality of the “Push to Start” button?

While the external environment generally shouldn’t directly impact the start button, extremely high humidity can potentially lead to internal moisture, which might cause electrical components to malfunction.

I recently replaced the “Push to Start” button, but the issue persists. What could be the reason?

If the problem continues after a replacement, it could indicate that another component, such as the control board or wiring, might be at fault. It’s advisable to consult with a technician.


The functionality of a dryer’s “Push to Start” button is crucial for the operation of the appliance. When it fails to work, it can be indicative of a variety of issues, ranging from simple wear and tear of the button itself to more intricate electrical concerns. It’s imperative to diagnose the root cause accurately to ensure the continued efficiency and safety of the dryer. By understanding the potential reasons behind such malfunctions, homeowners can take informed steps, whether it’s a DIY quick fix or seeking professional intervention. Always prioritize safety, and remember that regular maintenance can preemptively address many potential problems, ensuring your dryer’s longevity and consistent performance.

Dryer Push To Start Not Working

Aspect Description Potential Causes Recommendation
Functionality Crucial for the operation of the dryer. Wear and tear, electrical issues, or component failures. Accurate diagnosis is essential.
Diagnosis Determine the root cause of the malfunction. Examine the button, electrical components, wiring, etc. Seek professional intervention if unsure.
Common Issues The dryer might not start or respond. The faulty start switch, door switch malfunction, a broken belt, etc. Address the specific malfunctioning part.


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