LG dishwasher error code HE indicates a “Heating Error.” This error code is displayed when there is an issue with the dishwasher’s heating element, which is responsible for heating the water during the wash cycle. When the dishwasher detects a problem with the heating element, it triggers the HE error code to alert users about the malfunction. Resolving this error is essential to ensure the dishwasher functions properly and delivers effective cleaning results.

LG dishwashers are designed to simplify your kitchen tasks, but occasionally, you may encounter error codes like HE, which can disrupt your dishwashing routine. Resolve the HE error code and get your LG dishwasher back in top-notch working condition.

What is Error Code HE on an LG Dishwasher?

What is LG Dishwasher HE Error Code, and How to Fix it?
HE error code

The HE error code on an LG dishwasher indicates a heating element error. The heating element is a crucial component responsible for heating the water during the wash cycle. When the dishwasher detects an issue with the heating element, it triggers the HE error code to alert you.

Troubleshooting Steps for HE Error Code

LG Dishwasher – HE Error Code. How To Fix It?
What is LG Dishwasher HE Error Code, and How to Fix it?
  1. Safety First: Before you begin any troubleshooting, ensure your safety by unplugging the dishwasher unit or powering down the circuit breaker.
  2. Check Water Supply: If you receive an IE error code, it indicates inadequate water supply to the dishwasher. Follow these steps:
    Lg Dishwasher Troubleshooting & Repair
    LG dishwasher error codes explained
    • Make sure the water line is properly connected to the dishwasher.
    • Check that the water supply valve is open for proper operation.
    • Verify that your household water pressure is above 20 psi.
    • Inspect the water line for any kinks or bends that may obstruct water flow or cause low pressure. Replace and secure damaged water lines according to local codes.
  3. Address Drainage Issues: If you encounter an OE error code, it suggests a drainage problem. To tackle this, perform the following:
    • Examine the drain hose for kinks or blockages.
    • Clear any buildup or obstructions, especially if you have a garbage disposal.
    • Ensure the drain connection on the garbage disposal is clear of any obstructions.
    • Install the drain hose to the garbage disposal, creating a tight seal.
    • Confirm that the dishwasher is not fully drained, as the overfill protection system may trigger an E1 error code in case of overfilling.
  4. Testing the Heating Element: To verify whether the heating element is faulty, follow these steps:
    • Unhook the water supply and disconnect power by turning off the breaker.
    • Access the heating element and test for continuity. If there is no continuity, the element is faulty and requires replacement.
  5. Replacing the Heating Element: If the heating element needs replacement, follow these instructions:
    • Undo the bolt in the middle to remove the old element.
    • Attach the new heating element, ensuring you remove the center nuts from the bolt before connecting the ground wire.
    • Optionally, consider disassembling the sump for easier installation and removal of the heating element.
  6. Water Test and Maintenance: After completing the repair, conduct a water test to check for any leaks by fully submerging the heating element. Applying a small amount of dish soap around the gasket may help with lubrication.
  7. Final Checks: Before every load, ensure the dishwasher door is properly closed, the gasket is making a seal, and there are no obstructions hindering proper closure. Additionally, unplug the unit and let it dry completely for up to 48 hours to reset the flow to its default setting. Proper loading of the dishwasher is essential for optimal performance.


Resolving the HE error code on your LG dishwasher is a manageable task with the right guidance. By following our step-by-step troubleshooting and repair instructions, you can efficiently fix the heating error and enjoy hassle-free dishwashing once again.

Remember to prioritize safety throughout the process by disconnecting the power and water supply before conducting any checks or repairs. With proper maintenance and care, your LG dishwasher will continue to serve you efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the LG dishwasher error code HE mean?

LG Dishwasher – Error Code List
HE Error Code

The HE error code indicates a heating element error on your LG dishwasher, suggesting a problem with the component responsible for heating water during the wash cycle.

How can I troubleshoot the IE error code?

To address the IE error code, ensure adequate water supply by checking the water line, water supply valve, water pressure, and for any kinks or bends in the water line.

How do I fix the OE error code related to drainage issues?

To resolve the OE error code, inspect and clear any obstructions in the drain hose and garbage disposal connection. Ensure a tight seal on the drain hose and prevent overfilling to avoid triggering the E1 error code.

How do I test the heating element for continuity?

How to Test Element
Heating Element Testing,

To test the heating element, unhook the water supply, disconnect power, and access the element. Check for continuity using a suitable tool; if there’s no continuity, the element is faulty.

What should I do if I find the heating element is faulty?

If the heating element requires replacement, undo the bolt in the middle, remove the old element, and install the new one. Ensure you attach the ground wire and optionally consider disassembling the sump for easier handling.

Key Points Summary

  • The LG dishwasher error code HE indicates a heating element error.
  • Troubleshoot IE error: Check water line, supply valve, water pressure, and any kinks in the line.
  • Resolve OE error: Clear drain hose obstructions, ensure a tight seal, and prevent overfilling.
  • Test heating element for continuity to identify faults.
  • Replace faulty heating element carefully.
  • Conduct a water test post-repair to check for leaks.
  • Ensure proper door closure and unplug the unit for maintenance.
  • Proper loading enhances dishwasher performance and efficiency.

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