The Samsung Flex Zone Temperature Settings refer to a feature found in Samsung 4-door refrigerators, which allows users to customize and control the temperature settings in the lower right compartment of the fridge, known as the “Flex Zone.” This feature is designed to provide flexibility in how you use and store your food items, allowing you to adapt the temperature to your specific needs. Here’s a brief overview of what the Samsung Flex Zone Temperature Settings entail:

  • Customizable Temperature Zones: The Flex Zone typically offers multiple temperature settings, including options like “Freeze,” “Soft Freeze,” “Meat/Fish,” “Fruit and Veggies,” and “Beverage.” These settings allow you to tailor the conditions inside the Flex Zone to different types of food items.
  • Freeze: This setting is used to turn the Flex Zone into a freezer, suitable for storing frozen foods at lower temperatures.
  • Soft Freeze: Soft freezing is a unique feature that maintains a slightly higher temperature than a regular freezer, making it ideal for short-term storage of items like ice cream or items that you want to keep semi-frozen.
  • Meat/Fish: This setting is intended for storing meats and seafood, ensuring they stay at the optimal temperature to maintain freshness.
  • Fruit and Veggies: As the name suggests, this setting is suitable for storing fruits and vegetables, helping to extend their shelf life by maintaining the right humidity and temperature.
  • Beverage: The beverage setting chills the Flex Zone, making it perfect for storing drinks at an ideal serving temperature.
  • Adjustable Settings: Users can easily switch between these settings to adapt the Flex Zone to their specific storage needs. This is typically done through the refrigerator’s control panel.
  • Conversion Back to Fridge: Some Samsung models also allow you to convert the Flex Zone back into a regular refrigerator setting, often referred to as “Chill” or “Cool.” This can be helpful when you want to use the Flex Zone as additional fridge space.

The temperature of the Samsung FlexZone drawer in a refrigerator can be adjusted to different settings depending on your needs. The FlexZone drawer is designed to offer flexible temperature options for storing various types of food and beverages. Here’s how to adjust the temperature in the FlexZone drawer:

  1. Access the Control Panel: Depending on the specific Samsung refrigerator model, you can access the control panel for the FlexZone drawer in one of the following ways:
    • On some models, the control panel is located on the front of the drawer itself.
    • On other models, you may need to access the control panel through the refrigerator’s main display panel.
  2. Select the Desired Temperature: Use the control panel or touchscreen interface to select the temperature setting you want for the FlexZone drawer. The available temperature settings may include options like:
    • Refrigerator Mode: This setting keeps the FlexZone at a temperature suitable for storing fresh produce, dairy, and beverages. It’s typically set around 34-38°F (1-3°C).
    • Meat/Fish Mode: This setting is slightly colder and is ideal for storing meats, fish, and other perishable items. It’s usually set around 30-32°F (-1 to 0°C).
    • Cold Drinks Mode: This setting is the coldest and is designed for quickly chilling beverages. It’s typically set around 28-30°F (-2 to -1°C).
  3. Confirm and Save: Once you’ve selected the desired temperature setting, confirm your choice and save the settings. The FlexZone drawer will adjust its temperature accordingly.
  4. Monitor and Adjust: After making the initial temperature selection, monitor the temperature in the FlexZone drawer to ensure it remains within the desired range. If necessary, you can make further adjustments using the control panel.
  5. Load the Drawer: Load the FlexZone drawer with food and beverages according to the temperature setting you’ve chosen. Remember that the actual temperature inside the drawer may vary slightly, so use a separate thermometer to verify if needed.

Understanding the Basics

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  1. Cool Select Feature: Your Samsung Flex fridge comes equipped with the “Cool Select” feature, the key to customizing your Flex Zone’s temperature settings.
  2. Chill, Freeze, and More: The Flex Zone offers various settings, including “Chill,” “Freeze,” and even “Soft Freeze.” Each serves a specific purpose, catering to your unique needs.

Converting to a Freezer

If you want to turn your Flex Zone into a freezer:

  1. Access the Cool Select: Hold down the “Cool Select” button for three seconds.
  2. Select Freeze Mode: Hit the button again until it displays “Freeze.” Voila, your bottom right compartment is now a freezer!

Using Soft Freeze

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Not sure what to do with “Soft Freeze”? Well, it’s perfect for those items that don’t need deep freezing but could use a little chill.

  1. Access the Cool Select: Again, press and hold the “Cool Select” button for three seconds.
  2. Choose Soft Freeze: Keep pressing the button until it lands on “Soft Freeze.”

Creating a Beverage Chill Zone

Are you a fan of perfectly chilled drinks? Here’s how to set up your Flex Zone as a beverage chill zone:

  1. Access the Cool Select: Start by holding down the “Cool Select” button for three seconds.
  2. Select Chill Mode: Keep hitting the button until it shows “Chill.” Now, you have a designated space for your beverages.

Using as a Refrigerator

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If you’d rather use your Flex Zone as a refrigerator:

  1. Access the Cool Select: As always, press and hold the “Cool Select” button for three seconds.
  2. Choose Cool Mode: Continue pressing the button until it lands on “Cool.” This setting replicates a regular refrigerator.

Easy Transition and Tips

  • Transition: Changing from one setting to another is as easy as pressing the “Cool Select” button and selecting your desired mode. Remember to wait a few seconds for it to activate fully.
  • Be Patient: If your freezer doesn’t seem cold enough right away, give it a little time. It’ll get there.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I switch between settings quickly?

Press and hold the “Cool Select” button for a few seconds, and then use the button to cycle through the modes.

Can I set different temperatures for the Flex Zone?

The Flex Zone offers preset temperatures for each mode, but you can adjust the overall fridge temperature separately.

Is Soft Freeze useful?

Soft Freeze is handy for items you want to keep slightly chilled but not fully frozen, like ice cream that’s easier to scoop.


With Samsung’s Flex Zone temperature settings, you have the flexibility to tailor your fridge to your exact needs, from freezer to beverage chill zone and more. It’s easy to use, and by following these simple steps, you can make the most of this versatile feature. No more freezer temperature panics or guesswork – just perfectly preserved food and beverages!

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Key Takeaways

  • Use the “Cool Select” feature to adjust your Flex Zone settings.
  • Settings include Chill, Freeze, Soft Freeze, and more.
  • Changing modes is a breeze – just hold and press the “Cool Select” button.
  • Give your fridge time to adjust to the new settings.
  • Soft Freeze is ideal for items you want slightly chilled but not fully frozen.
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