The “Silence Plus Bosch Manual” is a comprehensive guide provided by Bosch for their Silence Plus series dishwashers. This manual contains detailed instructions and information on how to operate, maintain, and make the most of your Bosch Silence Plus dishwasher. It covers topics such as loading your dishwasher effectively, selecting the appropriate washing cycles and options, maintenance tips, and troubleshooting guidance.

Exploring the Three Racks

Let’s kick things off by taking a closer look at the three racks in your Bosch Silence Plus dishwasher:

1. The My Way Rack

The My Way Rack is the most flexible third rack that Bosch offers. Here’s what it can accommodate:

  • Larger bowls
  • Silverware
  • Ramekins
  • Cooking utensils

2. The Standard Third Rack

If you’ve purchased a 100 series or a 300 series Bosch dishwasher, you’ll find the Standard Third Rack inside. It’s designed to offer ample space for your silverware, allowing you to easily transfer it from the bottom rack to the top.

3. The Flexible Third Rack

The Flexible Third Rack is similar in appearance to the Standard Third Rack, but it comes with a unique feature – flexible wings on the sides. You can raise or lower these wings using a lever to customize the rack according to your needs.

The Middle Rack: Upper Rack Flexibility

Now, let’s explore the middle rack, commonly referred to as the upper rack. This rack is all about flexibility and loading capabilities, making it easy to accommodate various items:

  • Use side levers to lower one side of the upper rack, providing space for tall items.
  • Adjust the tines to secure stemware properly.
  • Dark gray tines can be lowered to create more room for items like bowls or pots.

Loading Your Dishwasher

Correct Way to Load a Dishwasher
How to Load a Dishwasher Properly

Before we dive into the washing cycles and options, let’s discuss how to load your Bosch Silence Plus dishwasher efficiently:

  1. Place a dishwasher tablet into the designated compartment on the door.
  2. Ensure you have rinse aid in the separate rinse aid compartment.
  3. Arrange your dishes and cookware, using the flexible features of the racks to accommodate items of various sizes and shapes.

Selecting Washing Cycles and Options

Dishwasher settings & cycles explained
Selecting the Best Dishwasher Cycle

Now, it’s time to choose the right washing cycle and options for your load:

  1. Press the “On” button.
  2. Select the washing cycle. For optimal results, “Auto” is usually your best choice.
  3. Explore additional options like delay, half load, and sanitizing. Sanitizing is recommended for the best results.
  4. You can also choose from extra dry, auto air, and Crystal Dry options.

Starting Your Dishwasher

Once you’ve selected your cycle and options, it’s time to start your Bosch Silence Plus dishwasher:

  • Locate the start button, and press it.
  • A red light or timer will appear on the floor to indicate that the dishwasher is running.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your Bosch dishwasher running smoothly, follow these simple maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean the filter located at the bottom of the dishwasher by removing it, rinsing it off, and placing it back in.
  • Perform this filter maintenance every two months to ensure optimal performance.

Super Silence Plus 42 dba

  1. Dishwasher Features and Design: The dishwasher has a sleek design with no controls on the front panel, making it child-friendly. The display is located at the bottom.
  2. Control Panel: The control panel includes a display showing remaining time, a power button, various cycle options (heavy, auto, glass, normal, express, rinse), and additional options like delay, speed, perfect, half load, delicate, and sanitize. There’s also a start button.
  3. Ease of Use: The dishwasher is easy to use. You load it up, choose the desired cycle and options, hold down the start button, and close the top. The display illuminates at the bottom, and the dishwasher starts working.
  4. Interior Design: The dishwasher’s interior is praised for its durability and flexibility. It has different-sized compartments for dishes, a utensil drawer at the top, and adjustable racks that allow for customization.
  5. Quiet Operation: The most notable feature highlighted in the review is the dishwasher’s extremely quiet operation. It is described as “unbelievably quiet,” and the “Silence Plus 42 dba” label is explained as signifying its super quiet nature.

Frequently Asked Question

How often should I clean the dishwasher filter?

We recommend cleaning the filter every two months to maintain optimal performance.

Which washing cycle is best for general use?

For most loads, the “Auto” cycle provides the best results.

Can I adjust the racks to accommodate larger items?

Yes, you can adjust the racks to fit larger items, thanks to the flexible features of the Bosch Silence Plus dishwasher.

Is rinse aid necessary for the dishwasher?

Yes, we recommend using Jet-Dry Rinse Aid for improved drying and overall performance.

How do I start the dishwasher?

After selecting your cycle and options, simply press the start button to begin the wash cycle.

Key Takeaways

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