Short answer: “LOC” on a Whirlpool oven means “Control Lock.” It’s a feature that locks the oven’s controls to prevent accidental changes.

The acronym “LOC” can often puzzle owners of Whirlpool ovens when it mysteriously appears on the appliance’s display. Understanding what “LOC” means is essential for oven users, as it directly impacts the oven’s functionality and operation. In this explanation, I will decode the meaning of “LOC” on a Whirlpool oven and shed light on the purpose of this feature, ensuring that you can confidently navigate and utilize your appliance to its fullest potential.

What Does LOC Mean On A Whirlpool Oven?

LOC on Whirlpool oven
Whirlpool oven LOC error

LOC” on a Whirlpool oven typically stands for “Control Lock.” When you see this display on your oven, it means that the control panel of the oven has been locked, usually to prevent accidental changes in settings or operations. This feature is useful to avoid unintentional adjustments or turning off the oven during cooking. To unlock the control panel, you typically need to press and hold a specific button or combination of buttons, as outlined in your oven’s user manual. Once unlocked, you can resume using the oven’s controls as usual.

How To Unlock LOC On Whirlpool Oven?

To unlock the “LOC” (Control Lock) on a Whirlpool oven, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Locate the “Options” or “Settings” button on the oven’s control panel. This button may also be labeled as “Control Lock” or have a padlock icon next to it.
  2. Press and hold the “Options” or “Control Lock” button for about 3 to 5 seconds. You may need to consult your oven’s user manual to confirm the exact button and duration for your specific model, as it can vary.
  3. When you see a message indicating that the control panel is unlocked or the “LOC” indicator disappears from the display, you can release the button.
  4. Your Whirlpool oven’s control panel should now be unlocked, allowing you to use the oven as usual.
Unplugging the oven
Removing oven plug

Reasons For LOC Error on Whirlpool

The “LOC” error on a Whirlpool oven, which stands for “Control Lock,” typically occurs for the following reasons:

  1. Accidental Activation: The most common reason for the “LOC” error is accidental activation of the control lock feature. This can happen if you or someone else inadvertently presses and holds the control lock button or combination of buttons on the oven’s control panel.
  2. Child Lock: Some Whirlpool ovens have a child lock feature that allows you to lock the oven’s controls to prevent children from accidentally turning it on or changing settings. If this feature is activated, it will display “LOC.”
  3. Power Interruption: In some cases, a power interruption or surge can cause the oven’s control panel to display “LOC.” This might be a temporary issue that can be resolved by resetting the oven.
  4. Control Panel Malfunction: Rarely, the “LOC” error can be caused by a malfunction in the oven’s control panel or electronic components. If none of the above reasons apply and the error persists, it may require professional servicing or replacement of parts.

Whirlpool Oven Door Lock Error Codes

Whirlpool oven door lock error codes can vary depending on the specific oven model and type, but here are some common error codes related to the oven door lock mechanism:

  1. F5 E1 or E0 – This code typically indicates a problem with the oven door latch mechanism or the door lock motor. It may be caused by a malfunctioning door lock assembly, a faulty control board, or wiring issues. The specific code may vary depending on the oven model.
  2. F5 E2 – This code indicates that there is a problem with the oven door lock mechanism’s switch. It could be a switch failure or a wiring issue in the door lock circuit.
  3. F5 E3 – This code suggests a failure in the oven’s door lock temperature sensor. It may require replacing the temperature sensor or addressing issues with the sensor’s wiring.
  4. F5 E4 – This code is related to problems with the door latch assembly. It may indicate a failure in the latch motor or its circuit. Replacing the latch motor or addressing wiring issues may be necessary.
  5. F9 E0 – While not a door lock error code per se, it can also be relevant to oven door issues. This code usually indicates a problem with the oven’s door latch mechanism not functioning correctly.


What are error codes, and why do they appear?

Error codes are alphanumeric or numerical messages displayed by appliances and devices to indicate a specific issue or problem. They appear when the device’s internal diagnostics detect an anomaly or malfunction. Error codes help users and technicians identify and troubleshoot issues more efficiently.

How do I interpret error codes?

The interpretation of error codes varies from device to device. Consult the user manual or manufacturer’s documentation for your specific appliance or device to decode the meaning of the error code. Typically, error codes consist of letters and numbers that provide information about the nature and location of the problem.

What should I do when I encounter an error code?

When you see an error code, start by referring to the user manual or manufacturer’s website for guidance on troubleshooting. Often, error codes are associated with specific actions or steps to resolve the issue. Following these instructions can help you diagnose and fix the problem.

Can I reset or clear an error code?

In some cases, error codes can be cleared or reset by power-cycling the device (turning it off and on again). However, this may not always resolve the underlying issue. It’s important to investigate the cause of the error to prevent it from recurring.

Removing error code
Removing error

Are error codes the same for all devices of the same brand or type?

Not necessarily. Error codes can vary between different models and even within the same brand or type of device. Always refer to the specific documentation for your particular device to ensure accurate interpretation and resolution of error codes.

Is it safe to continue using the device when an error code is displayed?

It depends on the nature of the error code. In some cases, it may be safe to continue using the device after addressing the issue. However, for errors that indicate safety hazards or critical malfunctions, it’s best to discontinue use until the problem is resolved to prevent potential damage or harm.


Understanding the meaning of “LOC” on a Whirlpool oven is crucial for the efficient and hassle-free operation of this appliance. “LOC” stands for “Control Lock,” a valuable feature designed to prevent accidental changes in settings or operations. By knowing how to unlock the control panel and being aware of the various reasons behind the “LOC” error, users can confidently navigate their Whirlpool ovens, ensuring a seamless cooking experience. So, the next time you encounter “LOC” on your oven’s display, rest assured that you possess the knowledge to unlock the controls and get back to creating delicious meals with ease.

Whirlpool Oven Door Lock Error Codes

Error Code Meaning Possible Causes Resolution
F5 E1 or E0 Problem with oven door latch mechanism or door lock motor. Malfunctioning door lock assembly, faulty control board, or wiring issues. Check and replace the faulty component.
F5 E2 An issue with the oven door lock mechanism’s switch. Switch failure or wiring problem in the door lock circuit. Investigate and address the switch issue.
F5 E3 Failure in the oven’s door lock temperature sensor. Replace the temperature sensor or fix issues with sensor wiring. Address sensor-related problems.
F5 E4 Problems with the door latch assembly. Latch motor failure or circuit issues. Replace the latch motor or fix the wiring.
F9 E0 Indicates an issue with the oven’s door latch mechanism. Investigate and resolve problems with the door latch mechanism. Address the underlying latch issue.

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