The Kenmore Elite Cubic Feet refers to the storage capacity of Kenmore Elite refrigerators and freezers. It indicates how much space is available inside the appliance to store food, beverages, and other items. The cubic feet measurement helps consumers determine the size and capacity of a Kenmore Elite refrigerator or freezer, allowing them to choose the right appliance to meet their storage needs.

The specific cubic feet measurement can vary depending on the model and design of the Kenmore Elite appliance, so it’s essential to check the product specifications for the exact cubic feet capacity of a particular model.

The Importance of Knowing Cubic Feet

When it comes to buying appliances, it’s essential to consider factors beyond just aesthetics. Understanding the cubic feet of a Kenmore refrigerator is crucial for making an informed decision. Here’s how you can do it:

Finding the Cubic Feet of a Kenmore Refrigerator

How To Find Cubic Feet Of Kenmore Refrigerator
Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number
  1. Measure the Width, Depth, and Height:
    • Measure the width, depth, and height of your Kenmore refrigerator in feet. Make sure your measurements are accurate.
  2. Calculate Cubic Inches:
    • A cubic foot is equivalent to 1,728 cubic inches because there are 12 inches in a foot.
  3. Multiply Dimensions:
    • Multiply the width, depth, and height measurements to find the total cubic inches of your refrigerator.
  4. Divide by 1,728:
    • Divide the total cubic inches by 1,728 to convert it into cubic feet.
  5. Result:
    • The result will be the cubic feet of your Kenmore refrigerator.

Determining the Size of a Kenmore Refrigerator

Kenmore refrigerators come in various sizes, and it’s essential to choose the right one for your needs. Here’s how you can determine the size of a Kenmore refrigerator:

Using Model Number

  1. Locate the Model Number:
  2. Online Search:
    • Use the model number to search online for product specifications. Manufacturers often provide details, including cubic feet, for specific models.

Understanding Cubic Meter

If you come across measurements in cubic meters, here’s how to convert them to cubic feet:

  1. Measure in Meters:
    • Measure the length, depth, and width of your refrigerator in meters.
  2. Convert to Cubic Centimeters:
    • Convert your measurements to cubic centimeters by multiplying the dimensions.
  3. Divide by 28,316.85:
    • Divide the total cubic centimeters by 28,316.85 to get the cubic meters.
  4. Convert to Cubic Feet:
    • Multiply the cubic meters by 35.315 to convert to cubic feet.

Finding Cubic Feet of a Kenmore Freezer

Kenmore freezers also come in various sizes. Determine the cubic feet of your Kenmore freezer with these steps:

Measuring Your Freezer

How to Measure a Fridge for your Kitchen
How to Measure a Refrigerator
  1. Measure in Feet:
    • Measure the width, depth, and height of your Kenmore freezer in feet.
  2. Calculate Cubic Inches:
    • Remember, 1 cubic foot equals 1,728 cubic inches.
  3. Multiply Dimensions:
    • Multiply the width, depth, and height measurements to find the total cubic inches.
  4. Divide by 1,728:
    • Divide the total cubic inches by 1,728 to get the cubic feet.

Choosing Your Ideal Kenmore Refrigerator

When selecting a Kenmore refrigerator, keep these factors in mind:

Size Matters

  • Consider your family size and storage needs. A 24 cubic feet capacity is suitable for a family of four, but adjust for larger households.


Features to Look For

  • Kenmore refrigerators offer various features, including slide-away shelves, temperature-controlled pantry drawers, and smart technology. Choose features that enhance your experience.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Cubic Feet

  1. Capacity: The text suggests that you should consider how much capacity you need in a refrigerator. It mentions that this Kenmore Elite refrigerator has more than 29 cubic feet of overall capacity.
  2. Refrigerator Shelves: It mentions that there are five refrigerator shelves and a flexible storage shelf. This may be suitable if you like to stock up on groceries.
  3. Specific Features: The text suggests that if you’re looking for specific features, this refrigerator offers humidity-controlled crisper drawers, a slide-out crisper, and gallon door storage. These features can be appealing if you want a fridge with various storage options.
  4. Everyday Usage: It highlights that the refrigerator comes with a water filter, freezer interior light, and an interior life (possibly a typo, it might refer to interior lighting). These features are considered ideal for everyday use and convenience.
  5. Customer Ratings: The text mentions that customers have given this refrigerator a 5 out of 5 rating, indicating high satisfaction among customers.
  6. Additional Information: The text suggests that there are more details available below to help you learn more about the refrigerator.


In conclusion, understanding the cubic feet of Kenmore refrigerators and freezers is essential when making a purchase decision. Follow these steps to calculate the size accurately and choose the ideal refrigerator based on your family’s needs and desired features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is knowing the cubic feet of a refrigerator important?

Knowing the cubic feet helps you determine if the refrigerator meets your storage needs, preventing overcrowding or wasted space.

Can I find cubic feet information online for specific Kenmore models?

Yes, manufacturers often provide product specifications, including cubic feet, for specific models online.

What if my measurements are in cubic meters?

You can convert cubic meters to cubic feet using a simple conversion factor: 1 cubic meter equals approximately 35.315 cubic feet.

Are there standard sizes for Kenmore refrigerators?

Kenmore offers a range of sizes, so there’s no one-size-fits-all standard. Choose based on your specific needs and available kitchen space.

Key Takeaways

  • Knowing the cubic feet of your Kenmore refrigerator or freezer is essential for making an informed purchase.
  • Measure accurately in feet and convert to cubic feet using simple calculations.
  • Consider your family size, kitchen layout, and desired features when choosing your ideal Kenmore refrigerator.
  • Convert cubic meters to cubic feet using a conversion factor for international measurements.

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